begin anywhere…

…something beautiful John Cage said.

And the inspiration for a slightly tongue in cheek yet simultaneously utterly serious to do list generated by The Architects as we drove from Iowa City to Chicago, on our way to co-teach a workshop in compositional improvisation as part of the Epiphany Dance Experiment’s Fall 2009 Dance Series. We have been teaching independently and together for nearly twenty years, and now find ourselves spread throughout the country, each engaged in our own careers and teaching practices. We come together as the projects present themselves throughout the year, and every June at MICI.

  1. begin anywhere.
  2. do something.
  3. keep doing it.
  4. (try to) make (some kind of) sense of it.
  5. let the end reveal itself

We laughed as the list emerged, even though we knew we were describing with uncanny accuracy our creative process. Not only for shaping and teaching a workshop on improvisation, but for just about anything you could set out to research and create.

And so I begin here.  Anywhere. With a nod to another beautiful thing Cage said, this one from his Rules for Students and Teachers:  “The only rule is work. If you work it will lead to something.”

That’s what I’m counting on here.  That the act of beginning, and the subsequent repeated acts of continuing, will, eventually, lead to something.