I often talk about improvisation as being a specific kind of research, where the improviser is simultaneously the researcher and the research itself. After guiding students through a long session of moving, I often initiate a discussion, or prompt reflection by asking for “reports from the field (of research).”

reports from the field will be a home for observations, revelations, and questions that arise from the various forms of creative research that most hold my attention: dance-making and performance, teaching, writing, quilt-making and collaborations of all kinds.


1 thought on “about

  1. Attention and intention – you’re writing about acting, too!

    Happy birthday Fern! I hope it’s a good one!

    Fern rainbow
    Keep your glow on
    There’s a show on you know
    And they’re all gonna be there
    Put the gleam in your eyes
    And do somethin’ to your hair
    Keep your glow on

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